Step by step

How to Buy


Step 01

Type the item name in the search column to make your search easy.


Step 02

Hit the buy button now? Want to buy many item in single purchase? Add all the item to the cart. Still don’t confident? Save the item to the wishlist.

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Step 03

Check all the shipment info, item details and price. Don’t forget to include any promo code into the purchase if had. Make sure all the details is right before choose the payment method.

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Step 04

Select the easiest payment method you want. Add promo code if you had. And don’t forget to pay before the time exceed.


Step 05

Check the shipping status on the tracking page from the menu, to follow the activity of the delivery and to avoid any disruption to the progress of the shipment.


Step 06

Giving feedback is a kindness in online shopping. Leave any review for the item that you had bought and used. And, don’t forget to go shop again at Obatan Healthstore! 🙂